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Recreational cannabis in Oklahoma is dead - for now

Chief among the challenges facing petitioners was collecting the necessary 178,000 signatures before the November statewide election given the challenges imposed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

I was arrested when I was in Law School. It shaped my entire legal career.

When I was in law school, I went to Dallas for OU/Texas weekend with some friends. It was a Thursday night. We were headed home and my friend was driving. When he tried to back into a parking spot, his car collided with a cab.

Retroactive Bill Could Free Hundreds Of Inmates Serving Sentences For Minor Drug Possession

House Bill 1269 would require the re-sentencing of drug offenders convicted before State Question 780 went into effect on July 1, 2017. The bill would apply to inmates whose crimes were reclassified from felonies to misdemeanors by the referendum. There are around 1,300 Oklahomans currently incarcerated for simple drug possession.

Supreme Court Significantly Limits Civil Forfeiture In Unanimous Decision

The US Supreme Court has applied the 8th Amendment to states and prohibits excessive fines and restricts civil forfeitures:

OSBI to Enforce Laws Prohibiting Weapons for Marijuana Users

The application window is open for a medical marijuana card or a business license. I’ve posted in the past about the potential repercussions for a card or license holder who also owns a gun or has a self-defense (concealed carry) permit. 788 has specific language that says a person who has a concealed carry permit cannot lose their license or be negatively affected merely because they also have a marijuana card. But, the Oklahoma government says otherwise.

788 passed. What do you do if caught with weed and you don’t have a medical marijuana card?

788 passed and medical marijuana will be here before we know it (if the government will stop jamming us up). In the meantime, a person who is caught with 1.5oz or less of marijuana and can state a medical condition, but not in possession of a state-issued medical marijuana card, is only looking at up to a $400 fine if convicted.