Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime is not the same as a conviction. Under the Constitution, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed a crime. But your rights are not asserted automatically.

From the moment you are arrested and accused, you deserve an advocate who will defend you to the maximum extent of the law. As a former Prosecutor, Sabah Khalaf knows from experience what tactics the Government will use to argue cases and will use that experience to aggressively defend your case.

Our Approach

Our approach to your defense is to rigorously explore every relevant aspect of your arrest to build the best possible defense.

Here are just some of the areas Sabah investigates to ensure your rights are protected:

  • Was physical evidence handled properly to protect against tampering? Was any forensic analysis scientifically sound?
  • Did any witnesses mistake you for someone else? What were the lighting and weather conditions at the time of the event? Do the witnesses know you and could this affect their testimony?
  • Were you interviewed by police before being placed under arrest? Did it feel like a conversation or an interrogation? Was it recorded?
  • Were any informants or witnesses granted leniency in exchange for testimony against you?
  • Have you been given access to, or even been made aware of, all of the evidence and witnesses being used to make a case against you?

We have represented hundreds of clients involving major criminal accusations in both State and Federal courts.

We have experience defending many types of criminal accusations, including:

Our record speaks for itself

We are proud to handle every case with the expertise, attention to detail, and personal attention that our clients deserve.

We will work tirelessly to examine every detail of your case in order to build the most effective defense possible, so you can get your life back on track. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How Hiring Us Works

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We Meet With You

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We work hard to defend your rights and have your charges acquitted, dismissed, or reduced, so you can get back to your life.

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