788 passed. What do you do if caught with weed and you don’t have a medical marijuana card?

August 04, 2018 by Khalaf Law Firm Staff

788 passed and medical marijuana will be here before we know it (if the government will stop jamming us up). In the meantime, a person who is caught with 1.5oz or less of marijuana and can state a medical condition, but not in possession of a state-issued medical marijuana card, is only looking at up to a $400 fine if convicted.

That sounds great, but a conviction for possession of marijuana can still have some pretty serious consequences. For example, a conviction for possession of marijuana while in a motor vehicle will likely cause your driving privileges to be revoked for 6 months for a first conviction, 1 year for a second conviction, and 3 years for a third/each subsequent conviction within a ten year look back period. Additionally, a conviction will cause your gun license (commonly referred to as a concealed carry license) to be revoked for up to 10 years.


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