Reasonable Bail

Reasonable Bail

What is Reasonable Bail?

Criminal charges are always stressful. Combine that with unreasonable bail and all seems hopeless. One of the first things a defendant and their family looks for after being arrested is affordable bail. However, sometimes a judge sets less than reasonable bail often times at the suggestion of the prosecuting attorney. In these cases, a bond hearing may be an alternative to paying high bond premiums.

When judges set bail, they regularly take a few factors into account. First, a judge should be concerned with protecting the public. If there exists reasonable suspicion that the accused is a danger to society, bail may be set high or held without bail. Secondly, bail is intended to ensure a defendant’s appearance in court. So the nature and “severity” of the alleged crime are taken into account. For instance, someone is less likely to flee if charged with Driving Under Suspension than someone charged with a more severe felony offense like Murder. Other factors may include the persons ties to the community, employment, family support and family involvement. However, defendants are regularly held on bail that some would consider unreasonable.

Successful Bond Hearings (Bail Reductions)

If you or a loved one face unreasonable bail or conditions of bail, hiring the right attorney is paramount. Some attorneys don’t have the experience or wherewithal to successfully argue a bond reduction. One of the most important steps in a bond reduction hearing is getting a hearing date/time. Many attorneys will simply file a motion with the court and wait for the judge or their staff to choose a date and notify the prosecution and defense counsel. A smarter approach is to hand deliver written motions and ask for an immediate date. Sometimes, oral motions receive an even quicker response. Many attorneys won’t even ask for an immediate hearing. In short, the first step is always, ASK!

If a traditional bond hearing is held, your attorney will want to be prepared with a sustainable argument on your behalf. At a bond hearing, your attorney will present strong arguments for reducing bail. Some of these arguments may include:

  • Limited resources
  • Agreeing to bond stipulations
  • Family involvement
  • Community ties
  • Lack of prior criminal history
  • Employment

After a successful bond hearing, family for the defendant will be able to secure bail at a lower cost. A timely bond reduction hearing can reduce the stress and financial hardship all-to-often associated with criminal charges and lengthy court proceedings. In cases when a bond reduction is denied, some bail bonds companies, like Signature Bail Bonds of Tulsa, offer reduced fee bail bonds with qualifying co-signers. Some bail bond companies also offer payment plans for larger bonds with small down payments.