Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney

Dedicated to upholding your rights.

As a former prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer, I have handled a very wide range of cases. Whatever the charges you are facing, you can be assured that I will represent your interests to the fullest. We have a strong focus on this area of the law because we feel a strong duty to upholding the rights of individuals facing the power of the government. If you are looking for an attorney who will stand up for your rights during the challenge of a criminal case contact our firm for a free consultation.

Here are just a few of the case types we handle:

  1. Larceny;
  2. Burglary;
  3. Robbery;
  4. KCSP;
  5. False Declaration of Ownership in Pawn;
  6. Bogus Check;
  7. A&B;
  8. Malicious Injury to Property;
  9. Homicide (Murder – Manslaughter).