IDAP is a completely new program created in 2019 to allow impaired drivers to keep their license under new standards and rules.

What is IDAP?

IDAP stands for Impaired Driver Accountability Program. Under this program you can apply to the Department of Public Safety to still be allowed to drive, even after a DUI.

How does IDAP work?

To get on IDAP, you can apply to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). You will then have an Ignition Interlock Device installed in your car for the amount of time that your revocation would have been. That means 180 days for your first DUI, one year for your second, or three years for your third DUI.

The application fee for this program is $250 which is due upfront.

How do I apply for IDAP?

You have to send a written application to DPS within 30 days of getting your notice of revocation. You usually get notice the same day that you are arrested. This application will delay your revocation for 45 days initially.

If you are accepted for the program, you have to send DPS a signed agreement. At this point you will pay the $250 ($200 for the IDAP fee and $50 for issuing you a restricted license). Then you will have the Ignition Interlock Device installed in your car. All these things need to happen within 45 days of your arrest.

What are the benefits of IDAP?

Instead of having your license revoked you will still be allowed to drive as long as you have the Ignition Interlock Device installed. After the program has been successfully completed, the restriction on your license will be removed and no revocation will be shown in your driving record. You also won’t have to pay any reinstatement fees.

What are the possible downsides of the IDAP?

If you have a violation while you have the Ignition Interlock Device installed, the time you have to use the device may be extended by 60 days for each violation if your initial restriction was 180 days. If your initial restriction was for one year, each violation will lengthen your restriction by 120 days. And if your restriction was for three years, each violation will add one year to the restriction. You can, however, contest these violations by requesting a hearing.

You will also have to pay to have the Ignition Interlock Device installed and you will have to pay for the monthly maintenance. (Installation is usually around $75 and the monthly fee is around $75 as well).

DPS may also restrict the hours you are allowed to drive and they can require you to get a more expensive camera Ignition Interlock Device. You may also get removed from the program if you get multiple violations.

Can anyone participate in IDAP?

Only people with a class D driver’s license can participate in IDAP. Class D is your regular car driver’s license. That means people with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) cannot participate in this program.

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