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DUI Checkpoint this Weekend

Tulsa DUI Lawyer

Hey everyone, I hope you are all gearing up for a fun Memorial Day weekend. If you are going to drink, make sure you drink responsibly. If the danger of drinking and driving is not enough to convince you not to drink and drive, there will be a DUI Checkpoint this weekend that hopefully will. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! ...[Read More]

Expungement F.A.Q.s

Expungement F.A.Q.s

What is an Expungement? An expungement is the process of sealing a record. This can include an arrest, court records, or even a criminal conviction. After an expungement is completed, an arrest/conviction does not need to be disclosed and won’t show up on background checks. Why should I get one? Some expungements allow you to legally claim the incident didn’t occur on job and lease applications.  ...[Read More]

Reasonable Bail

Reasonable Bail

What is Reasonable Bail? Criminal charges are always stressful. Combine that with unreasonable bail and all seems hopeless. One of the first things a defendant and their family looks for after being arrested is affordable bail. However, sometimes a judge sets less than reasonable bail often times at the suggestion of the prosecuting attorney. In these cases, a bond hearing may be an alternative to ...[Read More]

State Question 780 – Drug Reform


November 8, 2016 Oklahomies will have the opportunity to overhaul part of our defective criminal justice system. State Question 780, if adopted, will create an amendment to Title 63 O.S. § 2-402 and treat ALL simple drug possession as a misdemeanor, regardless to the number of times a person is arrested and charged. That is right – ALL (cocaine, meth, heroin, LSD, PCP, opiates, marijuana, et ...[Read More]